Acadia Parish Residents Encouraged to Practice Social Distancing This Holiday Weekend

With concern over the rising cases of COVID-19 in the community, the Acadia Parish Police Jury is urging citizens to practice social distancing as the Easter holiday weekend approaches. Now, more than ever, members of the community need to remain diligent and practice social distancing.

Patterns in current cases are showing family connections through socializing and in-home spread of the virus. Rural communities are not exempt from this trend and are currently seeing an increase in the number of cases. According to the Louisiana Department of Health on Wednesday, April 9th, Acadia Parish has had 86 cases and experienced 2 deaths with numbers rising. Although not densely populated, rural communities like ours can experience rapid spread of coronavirus when citizens do not take social distancing seriously.

“We are starting to hear good news regarding other parts of the state and their stay-at-home efforts,” says Chance Henry, Acadia Parish Police Jury President. “Do not let that give you a false sense of confidence. Now is the time for us to buckle down so that we begin to hear that news about Acadia Parish and Acadiana in the coming weeks.”

Social distancing is not just staying six feet apart, but is also restricting travel outside the home to stores, businesses, and other locations for non-essential purposes. If you have to leave your home, wearing a mask when possible, washing your hands or using hand sanitizer, covering your cough/sneezes, and keeping a minimum of six feet distance from others is key.

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching, families will want to be together. The Acadia Parish Government asks that citizens consider adjusting their plans this year. If you enter someone else’s home and either of you are a carrier of the virus, you are potentially contaminating their home or yourself, even if you stay six feet apart.

Henry adds, “We know that being away from family will be difficult, but losing family members is unimaginable. Please heed the warnings and advice of our health professionals.”

This weekend, find alternative methods to see your family other than traveling to each other’s homes for in-person socialization. Set up a time to FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger Video, or some other creative method to be with your loved ones. Creativity is going to be key this year to help everyone stay home, stop the spread, and continue to save lives.

COVID-19 Screening Sites in Acadia Parish

Acadia Women’s Health Clinic

  • They are doing COVID-19 testing for new and established patients.
  • If someone is interested in testing, they should call 337-785-2006. There are billing/insurance requirements.
  • Patients will be given an appointment time for a virtual appointment.
  • If the patient meets criteria for testing, they will be told when to come to the clinic. They stay in their car and staff comes out and collects the sample.

Crowley Cares Family Clinic – Community Testing Site

  • 576 North Avenue G, Crowley, LA
  • Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm; Friday 9am-12pm
  • Drive-thru testing
  • Bring ID and insurance card
  • For questions, call 337-616-2400

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