A statement from Chance Henry, President of the Acadia Parish Police Jury:

“Following Lafayette Parish Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s announcement of Lafayette’s new “Safe Shop Policy”, we began to receive many questions about lightening restrictions in Acadia Parish. I’d like to provide clarification on a few items.

First, the Acadia Parish government is working with our governor to ensure our compliance with state mandates. Other than the recent curfew that had temporarily put in place and is now lifted, our parish is not placing any additional restrictions on our citizens than the minimum requirements by the state. The “Safe Shop Policy” that Lafayette recently enacted was to address additional restrictions their parish had put in place and now places them at a similar level of operation that Acadia Parish has been under.

Second, beyond the restrictions placed on businesses that are considered “essential” (such as medical and healthcare-related businesses, restaurants, farms, etc.), the only additional business restrictions applied are to places of public amusement, personal care and grooming, malls, and childcare facilities. Businesses like these were closed or experienced heavy restrictions because of the concern over the physical contact that is a necessity of how they function. All other businesses are allowed to be open, but with reduced operations to “continue with minimum contact with members of the public and essential employees, while requiring proper social distancing, adhering to the 10-person limitation on gathering size.” While businesses will experience reduced operations, they are not required to fully close.

Third, it is vital to the future security of Acadia Parish to adhere to the state government’s restrictions and policies during this time. Not complying with the state mandates could mean a loss of crucial funding from the state that can provide relief for our citizens and businesses. We will continue to work with the state in allowing for an ease in restrictions for businesses affected by the stay at home order, but we will continue to comply with all state orders so as to not jeopardize any relief options available to our citizens.

With over a month having passed of living in a very different time than we are used to, I understand how our way of life has been negatively impacted. Businesses are hurting and people are afraid for our economy as well as our health. The number of cases of COVID-19 in Acadia Parish is .01% of our population and we are seeing a significant decrease in the rate of growth. Rest assured that your parish government will continue to do everything that we can to secure the economic future of our parish and keep you healthy.

Should you have any questions, contact the Acadia Parish Police Jury offices at (337) 788-8800. Stay healthy, stay safe, and God bless.”

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