The Acadia Parish Landfill will be open to the public on Monday from 7:00am-4:30pm for any residents who would like to bring waste prior to the storms. The landfill is located at 611 Petal Rd. Egan, LA.


  • All visitors must report to the administration building.
  • All incoming traffic must check in at window.
  • All waste must be covered or secured to prevent materials from falling or blowing off the vehicle.
  • Out-of-parish waste is not accepted.
  • Hazardous waste is not accepted.
  • Liquid waste is not accepted.
  • Asbestos is not accepted.
  • Infectious waste must be properly packaged or incinerated.
  • Barrels/drums must be crushed and/or opened on both ends.
  • Scavenging or salvaging is not allowed.

Due to the incoming combined tropical storms, there may be a delay in waste and garbage collection. Residents are urged to utilize the landfill for any pressing disposal needs.

For contact information, visit

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