Acadia Parish Hurricane Updates:
  • Acadia Parish has issued a voluntary evacuation for all parish residents south of Highway 90 in flood-prone areas. Those that are in unstable structures, including mobile homes and other structures that cannot withstand tropical or hurricane-force winds, are also encouraged to evacuate immediately.
  • At this time, a local or state shelter is not open nor available. Please seek shelter with family, friends, or a hotel in a safe area. 
  • Whether residents evacuate or stay in place, we urge everyone to have enough supplies on hand for 3-4 days. Visit for more information.
  • The Acadia Parish Courthouse will be closed Wednesday and Thursday due to incoming inclement weather and will reopen Friday, August 29th unless further orders are issued.

  • Parish Administrative Offices will be closed for business on Wednesday and Thursday; phones will be manned until noon on Wednesday. All other parish facilities and departments will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday except for emergency road crews.

  • The Acadia Parish Police Jury has been in contact with all local agencies in preparation for Hurricane Laura, including the fire chief and local police, as well as state resources should the parish need aid during this potential crisis.

  • The Acadia Parish Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness will be operating 24/7 until the storm passes to ensure the safety of Acadia Parish. If you have any type of emergency, call 911 immediately.

  • Please understand that law enforcement and other local agencies cannot be on the road once winds hit a certain mile per hour. For this reason, it is vital to evacuate immediately if you believe you are at risk of putting yourself or your family in any type of danger. 911 calls are taken on a first-come first-serve basis based on severity, however law enforcement and any emergency contacts will not be able to get to you once weather conditions reach a certain degree.

See a list of updated sandbag locations below:
  • Iota Location: Iota Barn under water tower (Time: 8am-3pm) Details: self-service site, valid ID required.
  • Rayne Location: Rayne Pavilion (Time: 10am-6pm) Details: 6 bags max, valid ID required. 
  • Crowley Location: 220 Jack Mitchell Rd. (Time: 8am-3pm) Details: 6 bags max, valid ID required. 
  • Church Point Location: Town Barn off Pow Mia Dr. (Time: 8am-4pm) Details: 6 bags max, valid ID required.
  • Morse Location: Water Tower (Time: 8am-4pm) Details: self-service site, 10 bags max
  • Estherwood Location: City Hall (Time: 8am-till) Details: 6 bags max
  • All locations will be open Tuesday.
  • Residents have until noon on Wednesday to pick up sandbags.


Bulk Waste Update:

The Acadia Parish Landfill will be open to the public on Monday from 7:00am-4:30pm for any residents who would like to bring waste prior to the storms. The landfill is located at 611 Petal Rd. Egan, LA. 

*Update* (8/24 – 4:30pm): The Acadia Parish Landfill will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Additionally, garbage collection will be suspended on Wednesday and Thursday.


  • All visitors must report to the administration building.
  • All incoming traffic must check in at window.
  • All waste must be covered or secured to prevent materials from falling or blowing off the vehicle.
  • Out-of-parish waste is not accepted.
  • Hazardous waste is not accepted.
  • Liquid waste is not accepted.
  • Asbestos is not accepted.
  • Infectious waste must be properly packaged or incinerated.
  • Barrels/drums must be crushed and/or opened on both ends.
  • Scavenging or salvaging is not allowed.
Due to the incoming combined tropical storms, there may be a delay in waste and garbage collection. Residents are urged to utilize the landfill for any pressing disposal needs. For contact information, visit
 Emergency/Hurricane Preparedness Resources
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