Acadia Parish Police Jury President, Chance Henry, says the Police Jurors are unified and are working diligently along with state and federal agencies to provide additional aerial spraying for mosquitoes. 

“We will have more planes in the air this week with the goal of getting rid of the problem promptly. Airplanes were used after Hurricane Laura with great results. Therefore, Acadia Parish is urging these same state and federal agencies to provide assistance as quickly as possible. We’ve been in correspondence with state and federal officials to confirm days and locations of spraying with larger planes over the parish. Once those are confirmed and carried out, the parish can spray everything that was missed.”

The heavy rains associated with Hurricane Delta have provided ideal conditions for the proliferation of mosquitoes in and around Acadia Parish. As predicted, local mosquitos have now transitioned from eggs to adults, and as a result, the parish is experiencing a large hatch off.

The Police Jury’s mosquito abatement contractor has ensured that mosquito control will remain a priority with an increase in continued applications until the mosquitoes return to pre-hurricane levels.

Crews have been working overtime all hours of the day and into the night to decrease the populations of both immature and adult mosquitoes. Dozens of pastures have already been treated with all-terrain vehicles to provide relief to animals and neighboring residents. Schools and areas that received heavy damage are receiving extra attention as well.

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