Survivors who registered with FEMA for disaster assistance as a result of Hurricane Delta will receive a determination letter explaining the eligibility decision and the reason for that decision. 

For those who are eligible, the letter states the dollar amount of the grant and how the funds should be used. When ineligible, the letter explains why and how the applicant can appeal that decision. 

It’s important to read the determination letter carefully to identify the reason for being declared ineligible. Some common reasons include: 

• The person is insured and needs to provide a settlement or denial to be considered for assistance. 

• Additional information is needed from the survivor, i.e. proof of identity, proof of occupancy, annual income, or a childcare assistance letter. 

• There were multiple registrations using the same address. 

• Damage to a secondary residence (where the survivor lives less than six months of the year). 

• The home is safe to occupy, and/or personal property had minimal or no damage. 

• Missed inspections and no follow-up communication with FEMA. 

• FEMA is unable to contact the applicant. 

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