Residents asked to conserve on water:

Acadia Parish residents, please conserve on water as much as possible tonight and over the next few days. Freezing temperatures have caused a spike in water usage and parish water systems are struggling to keep water pressure at a sufficient level. Reducing water usage will allow water systems to regain ample water pressure levels. 

Please reduce water usage by turning off any faucets left running overnight, reduce dishwasher and washing machine usage, and reduce time spent showering. 

Trash pick-up schedule:

Waste Connections expects to resume trash collection services for Acadia Parish residents on Wednesday, February 17th with an adjustment to the previously announced schedule.

Tuesday-Friday collection will be delayed by one day and residents with a Monday pick-up, whose trash was not collected, will be worked in during this week’s schedule.

The following is the schedule for the remainder of the week:

· Tuesday customers will be serviced on Wednesday, February 17

· Wednesday customers will be serviced on Thursday, February 18

· Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, February 19

· Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday, February 20

All customers will return to the normal collection schedule on Monday, February 22.

Residents, please have your trash dispensers by the road on your designated day per the schedule above. As a reminder, cart lids must be completely closed to avoid trash falling out when collections are made and any loose trash outside of the cart will not be picked up by Waste Connections.

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