Culvert (Driveway) Permit Information

Who needs a permit?

Anyone outside the municipal limits of Acadia Parish who is planning on constructing a new driveway on a parish road.  (Those individuals that are planning a driveway on a State highway should contact the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development office at 337-788-7502.)

Is there a fee for the permit?

No. There is no fee for a culvert permit.

Where do I get the permit?

Permits may be obtained at the Road Department at 1528 West 2nd Street, (Hwy. 90) in Crowley.  Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The phone number is 337-788-8861.

At the time you apply for your culvert permit, you will be given two flags to put out where the proposed driveway is to be constructed.  A representative of the parish road department will go out and do a site inspection and make a size determination.  The information will then be reported to the office and you will be notified by telephone of the correct size.  The permit can  then be either mailed or emailed to you.