Exemptions to State Uniform Building Code

Farm structures and private outdoor recreational structures are exempt from building codes.

Farm Structure ~ a structure which is constructed on a farm, other than a residence or structure attached to it, for use on the farm including, but not limited to barns, sheds and poultry houses.

Private Outdoor Recreational Structures ~ a hunting or fishing camp not used as a residence nor attached to a residence.


Documentation Needed for Permit 

1 Address of construction site (new building or addition). If you don’t have an address, one can be obtained by contacting the 911’s Business Office @ 337-788-8770 – Mary Richard.  Addresses are for each structure on the property, not the  property itself.

2.Legal Property Description Recorded Copy, can be obtained at Clerk of Court offices.

3.Plat of Property Survey Plat of Site, if available

4.Elevation Certificate of property – (required if in a designated flood zone) One can be obtained from a Professional Land Surveyor. Contact the Permit office or Floodplain administrator to find out if your property is in a flood zone. 788-4999 or 783-4357. A final elevation certificate will be required to close out permit.

5.Contractors Bid or Bill of Sales or Purchase Agreement
a.  Contractors Bid
b.  Copy of Contractors License
c.  Copy of Bond / Insurance

6. Self-Contracting, you must sign an exemption from licensure affidavit that can be picked up at the Acadia Parish Health Unit (this form will need to be notorized).

7.Affidavit for Exemption to State Uniform Construction CodeMust be notorized and filed with the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Cost of Permit

Cost of Permit is determined by the  fee schedule.

You will also need to obtain a permit for the discharge of sewer. That permit is issued by the State of Louisiana Sanitarians. They are conveniently located in the same office.