Planning and Development
Floodplain Management

What is floodplain management?

Several years ago the Parish adopted floodplain management regulations to reduce future flood damages.  Since the Parish became a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, citizens have the availability to purchase flood insurance and receive federal funds when a disaster strikes (hurricane, flooding, tornado).  In return, the Parish must regulate development within the Parish when property is located in a flood hazard zone.


Louisiana Wetlands

The US Corps of Engineers has enacted rules to protect wetlands as required under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.  Before you proceed with your development you are advised to contact the Corps regarding potential wetlands status of your property.

Please contact the following:

Department of the Army
Wetlands Delineations
New Orleans District
Corps of Engineers
Post Office Box 60267
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160-0267
Phone:  225-862-2270