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Amazing scene there !toms sale, Six fell into the water column at the moment, the water beneath the weight of a camel suddenly fire in overflow to go. Six massive columns in the middle that had more than one hundred meters of space, it is not a drop of water, forming a strange impermeable zone. Moreover, the external circle which formed six columns, seems to have a layer of invisible forces protecting the water several feet beyond isolated. Hantan deep water, and tens of meters high, but the column. But let a few Cultivation is surprising is that the column completely into the water, but cheap toms vertical space above, but there is no water to be able to cover.

toms Realized until this time, the so-called demon Tianzhu town, not six, but this six piece together to form a whole. In this underground Hantan nurtured countless years, as if by a giant stick with indomitable spirit stirred into the general, violent water waves severely impact on the surrounding ice, even more than King Kong 's Wan Jian carrier has broken almost Xuanbing signs. There are real invisible beneath Tianzhu, lake have been squeezed out. Standing at the top of several Cultivation through transparent Tianzhu Tianzhu saw Tandi was locked Wicked.

Tianzhu Wicked is locked, the other end is not actually evil Jiao, but another one more huge Wicked. Jiao class hornless, but the head of evil, but the first-born twin angle, the body such as Hydra, back raw meat four wings, her body is white crystal, such as snow and ice carved into the general. The most frightening, is this Wicked body. Tianzhu more than one hundred meters in diameter, has only covered one third of the body length toms outlet. Li old man finally recognized the origins of this evil, screaming out loud. Jiao same class, but also one of Chi Dragon.

The only consequence can stay here, is to be Wicked kill or eat them. Li Jiaojiao suddenly speechless, bowed his head in thought up a good long while before: here is very dangerous? Wicked appears, toms shoes had fainted, naturally do not know what kind of experience Lingnan scene. At the moment, toms outlet indulge in some rich aura in here, even if the delusion can practice here, toms outlet will be able to accelerate the speed of many practitioners, but did not expect the conditions to be met to practice here is not toms outlet able to do this.

Lingnan snappily said. Li Jiaojiao exclaimed, his face suddenly became pale, then cheap toms ? An order of Wicked for her fatal. The fifth-order, it is almost a master Yuan Ying is able to compete and powerful presence. She could not help some doubts Lingnan is alarmist, otherwise how can we fled here to toms outlet. Do not believe toms outlet ran out to try. Lingnan bother to explain to her. His eyes fell on the Lingshi around. Two days of consumption, the energy consumption of air already began 7788.

But here, although Reiki rich, but in order to resist the cold, to maintain the aura of the circle would need a lot more than outside. Li Jiaojiao naturally can not go out to see, just slide down the outside of the piece of ice road, this just is not toms Jin into the entraining of four rookie can climb to go. Plus that horrible cold, clear no Lingnan help toms outlet toms outlet if toms outlet there is no trace to stay alive. Lingnan stood up, raising his hand around a block began with the intake of hands. While these began with the aura is not much, but it is not necessary so wasted.





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